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Core Strengthening Yoga

Dear All,

Core Strenghtening Yoga has relocated to Japan in order to deepen more the knowledge and learn even better on how to heal through enjoyable and balanced exercise. There will be workshops once on a while and everybody who is interested can send a request to receive notifications about this using the enquiry form.

In the meanwhile I thank you all very much for the lovely time and am surely looking forward in seeing you again in the future:)

What is the "Core"

The "Core" of our body is located slightly under and behind the belly button.  In Japanese it is called "Tanden" (丹田). "Tan" (丹)means "rust coloured" or "red" , while "den" (田) means "rice field".  The combination of these two characters is then translated into "the burning place of energy". At times tanden can also be referred to as kikai (気海), meaning the ocean of the Ki, or energy.

In Japan and China, since ancient times, the Tanden has been considered extremely important. This is because it is the centre of gravity in the human body and the source of the Ki, or internal energy.


In the West, some people who practice martial arts are probably already familiar with Tanden. But actually Tanden is not important only for those who practice martial arts. In many traditional Japanese arts, like Shodo (書道 calligraphy), Sado (茶道 tea ceremony), Kado (花道 flower arrangement), Kyudo (弓道 archery) and more, the Tanden is fundamental and the students are taught to feel and act from the Tanden.

Tanden is also the focus point in Zen Buddhism and Zen meditation, as it is indispensable in order to centre the mind and to control both thoughts and emotions.

With the Tanden training we can strengthen this extremely important spot in our body. The results can be very rewarding, as by centering and grounding ourselves we can:

- gain more balance

- align the spine

- strengthen the internal organs
- strengthen the whole body
- increase energy levels
- boost the metabolism
- boost the immune system
- increase concentration power
- increase calmness and positivity

The use of essential oils during classes also helps in cleansing the Chakras

Where & When

The tanden taiso courses will start again on October 6th, Monday, and will continue for all winter. Each course is divided into 6 classes, and each course will focus on the core and on the different chakras. 

Time: 6:00 ~ 7:00 pm

Place: Rua Red, Tallaght (just  beside the Luas Station in Tallaght)

6 classes (1 course): 50 euro

1 class: 10 euro

Booking is required.

Please bring your yoga mat.