Washoku - Healing With Food

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In Tune With The Season - spring

Spring - Time to Detox & Restore

After the long and cold months of the winter, during which everything seems to be dormant, spring is a new beginning for nature and also for human beings. Along with Mother Nature, it is the time of the year when we can gain a clearer vision of things, therefore it is the perfect timing for cleansing, healing, restoring and also to lose a little weight if necessary. It is the time to get in contact with our real nature and to give attention to self-awareness and self-expression, to get rid not only of toxins within the body, but also of negative emotions.

Detoxing the Liver

The liver, which probably is the most congested of all organs because of the modern diets full of intoxicants, chemicals, animal proteins and refined foods, needs special care in this season. If the liver is in balance, the whole body can benefit from a very soothing energy and thus there is no tension, no stress, and no imbalance. But when this energy becomes stagnant, obstructed or overheated, its flow becomes difficult and this leads to many different physical and emotional problems. Spring is the best timing to restore this energy and to get rid of those ailments that are generated by liver imbalances.


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Detoxing with Balanced & Delicious Food

In spring it is particularly important to take care of the liver and of the bladder, with a diet that is light and naturally cleansing. Fresh greens and sprouts, along with sweet and pungent flavored foods are useful to cleanse and also to “create spring within the body”. Also food preparation becomes simpler, and unless there are severe imbalances that require different diet guidelines, small portions of raw and sprouted foods can be included in the diet more frequently. In this season, in order to keep digestive balance, it is more appropriate to cook for a shorter time but at higher temperatures, so that the inner part of the food is still not thoroughly cooked (except for foods that need to be well-cooked, of course!). The cleansing and the healing we can do in spring will benefit our health for the rest of the year. So let’s be in harmony with Nature and let’s enjoy the lovely tastes we are given in this amazingly powerful season! Herbs, vegetables and foods that are particularly beneficial in spring are basil, fennel, marjoram, rosemary, caraway, dill, bay leaf, beets, carrots and all sweet starchy vegetables, onions, garlic, whole grains, legumes and seeds.

Cutting vegetables in different ways can make dishes more even more enjoyable.

Spring marks a miraculous burst of energy and carries with it the energy of wood. Sap, which is nature’s lifeblood, runs through the trees, new life rises from the centre of Earth, and there is a bright sense of renewal and creativity in the air. 

The wood element is connected with the color green, with the sour flavor, with the East and it is also associated with Gall bladder and Liver.

In Chinese medicine a healthy liver regulates will, vision, self-responsibility and social justice. It also give clarity of thoughts, hope and the power to dream.

If the liver is unhealthy it is easy to get depression, hormonal unblance, insomnia, burst of anger and irritability. 

Activities that can help liver balance, besides an appropriate diet and the appropriate use of some bitter herbs, are: chanting, painting or writing, acknoledging our true emotional state, walking, swimming, martial arts. 

Always try to keep in mind that fried foods, heavy meats, excess consumption of diary prodcts and chemicals all put a lot of strain on the liver.